Bluenose and Yellownose House per unit per week
Basic amount above for house plus 70 Can$ per person plus final cleaning 120 Can$ :

Shoulder Season Spring 2018
June 1st to 30th: 1120 CAD
(power not included, chargeable 0,30 Can$/ kWh depending on usage)

High Season 2018
July 1st to Sept. 30 th:
1505 CAD (power included)

Shoulder Season Fall 2018
Oct 1st to 31th: 1120 CAD
(power not included, chargable 0,30 Can$/ kWh depending on usage)

Low Season 2018 / 2019
Nov. 1st 2018 up to May 31st 2019:
896 CAD
(power not included, chargeable 0,30 Can$/ kWh depending on usage)


Rates for
Sailorsrest please click here…

Rates for
Tiny Heaven please click here
(98 CAD/Night High Season 2018)

Rates for
Tiny Nest please click here
(119 CAD/Night High Season 2018)

Rates for
River Denys Lodge please click here…
(145 - 175 CAD/Night High Season 2018)

1 week for 2 persons in Low Season 2016:
Can$ 896 for the house, + Can$ 140 for 2 persons + Can$ 120 cleaning = 1156 + 15% HST 173.40 = Can$ 1329.40

Payable to our Canadian LTD account Interac e-Transfer (no fees)

We accept credit cards or
PayPal as well. (+ 2.5 % transfer fee)

As a registered Canadian company (Ltd.) we are required to charge a 15% tax (HST) on Bluenose House, Yellownose and River Denys Lodge.
It is illegal to rent without an invoice, and potential damages are not covered by insurance.

Tiny Heaven and Sailor`s Rest are private, no HST

American guests…
today 1 US Dollar will buy you  Canadian Dollars.

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The use of certain recreational equipment, life jackets, and fishing rods is included in the price. Ask for details as they depend upon insurance and season. Two high-end mountain bikes, for example, can be rented for CAN$ 10/day.
The use of water sports equipment, such as catamaran and motor boat will be handled on an individual basis. We guarantee perfect functionality. A weak engine can cost lives, if it fails to see you or your children safely to shore in case of a sudden change of weather. A catamaran on the Atlantic requires exceptional sailing skill, including the ability to safely use the trapeze at speeds of up to 40km/h. For your safety, we do not want to make promises we might not be able to keep.

This calendars are up to date. If no house is available, do not hesitate to contact us. The private Sailor`s Rest House or Tiny Heaven might be available. We can accommodate up to 8 people in the River Denys Lodge , too
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